Oriental Banquets

At Bamboo we provide authentic oriental cuisine for a variety of events and functions, such as weddings, dinner parties and business lunches. We tailor make menus to suit any occasion, time, place, or person.

For example, our speciality wedding banquet menu includes all the traditional, symbolic dishes that you would expect from any chinese wedding menu.

Alternatively, we can provide simpler menus for private dinner parties, where dishes like Peking duck are perfect for sharing.


  • Roasted Peking duck
  • Wild Seabass steamed with lime, ginger and soy

If you're looking for a more unusual option, we can create wok stations or street style food stalls dispensing our food in a more relaxed, casual and fun vibe.

As an oriental specialist you can be assured that our flavours are authentic and our recipes are tried and tested.

Click here to view our Sample wedding menu